SCHUNK IFT App Updates

The updates presented on this page are intended for SCHUNK-internal use only. Installation of updates may cause damage to the product and should only be made after consulting with the INNIRION service. For further information or assistance, please contact

IFT Android App V2.1.1 (approved for all IFT Flavors)

IFT Android App V2.0.2 (approved for IFT Stationary Tester only!)

IFT Android App V1.1.4 (approved for IFT Chuck Tester and IFT Pull-In-Force Tester)

Support Videos

The following videos help with certain app service issues.

Updating the app

Finding IFT devices – enable location services

Location services are enabled by default. They are required by the app to find and list all available IFT devices in the surrounding. If they are disabled by the user, they have to be enabled again in order to use the IFT app. This video demonstrates how that can be done.

Finding IFT devices – allow location service access for IFT app

The IFT app needs access to the system’s location services in order to find active IFTs in the surrounding. If access is not granted, the „scan for devices“ listing will remain empty. This video shows how this access can be granted manually after a potential reconfiguration by the user.